What is happening?

This title reflects my thoughts and feelings ever since giving my deposit to come to UD. This was the moment that everything became real and I was officially a college student (not really but the feeling was there). The event that really led me to put this deposit down, led me to be sitting where I am today and led me to start thinking about my future, was my first visit to UD. I remember being so nervous because this was the first college I visited and I’m just a generally anxious person about those kind of things. UD is about an hour or less from my house and I could just feel the stress building up inside me and I don’t even know why, maybe just because it was a new experience and the only other college campus I had been on was Miami U. Let’s talk about that for a second, because whenever I tell people where I’m from they always ask why I didn’t go to Miami. To be cliche, honestly it was the community here. The people there are (generally) kind of the worst and that was my preconceived notion of all college campuses because that was all I grew up knowing. My tour here was so amazing and as soon as I got to walking the campus I could feel that anxiety melting away and knew that this is where I was meant to be. When I was in the room before the tour, I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t fit in with the people that go here, because it seemed like most were coming fro a private catholic high school and I went to a public school. When we passed people going to class on the tour though, they would smile at us and encourage us to go to UD and say “Go Flyers”. That’s when I knew I had to go here. All those thoughts I had, my initial impressions faded away and I was exposed to the greatest, nicest, most polite place on Earth. The more we walked around campus and I saw how beautiful it was and saw all the smiles on everyones faces it showed me that they loved where they were. My tour guide told me that this was home now and when he was actually home, he would be counting down the days till he could come back to UD. That’s how I feel now. One tour of this place and I was sold. I just feel like this is really where I belong and that I am somewhere I can truly be myself. I am more outgoing here, willing to talk to anyone because I know that everyone is so nice, I’m hanging out with more than just a little circle of friends unlike high school. I still have no idea where I am going in life, what I want to major in or anything of that sort, but I do know that I am where I am supposed to be at this moment in time, thanks to that little 45 preview of the next four years of my life.


Passion in the Driver Seat

Passion is an interesting thing. I thought I knew what I was passionate about but then I came to college and I have no idea now. There are too many things in my life going on to know what I’m truly passionate about I feel like. I don’t have one thing that truly drives my being if you’re catching my drift. I have a passion for volleyball since I’ve been playing since I was 12 and I am so competitive. It’s my favorite activity to do, like if I have to go do something active I’ll want to do volleyball because I love it so much and I made so many friends playing it (even here at UD my two best friends are from the volleyball team). I have a passion for flowers because I’ve worked at the formal gardens for 3 summers at Miami. I know so much more about flowers than any college student should ever know. It’s so hard to walk around campus or even just out at shopping malls and not tell everyone what kind of flowers we are passing! My dad tells me that when I start noticing things like that, it means I have passion for my job. I guess he could be right, but I didn’t know I liked my job that much. I feel like I have passion for school too. Sometimes I think school is the only thing I am good at so I have no idea how I am supposed to go out in the real world when my only talents are studying and writing papers that someone tells me to write. I hope that as I go through my years here I can find the one thing that drives me. But do we have to narrow our passion down to just one thing? Maybe my passion in life can be finding answers to questions like this.

The Good College Try

Well considering I forgot to post this on time, I think it’s only appropriate to talk about college and time management. I am usually a pretty organized person. In high school I had a color coded planner for my class schedule and extra-curricular activities. I started one of those here at UD, but I haven’t even looked at it in I don’t know how long. Money wasted honestly. Now at college, post-it notes are my saving grace. I have them all over my desk, calendar, bed post, literally anywhere they can be stuck with reminders, they will be.  Somehow I got to college and am just losing my mind. Honestly I see only a slight difference in the workload to my senior year of high school, since I took all AP classes and CCP courses at Miami University. There is only one class that I am overly overwhelmed with but I still manage to get everything done somehow. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have the time to ever sit down and relax and think about what I have to do, or it’s because I am constantly thinking about what there is to do that my mind is extremely unorganized. If only they made sticky notes for a brain. If you can imagine the episode of Spongebob when all the little people inside his brain are burning his memory files and running around in circles, I think that’s what is happening to my brain since I’ve come to college. I have tried apps to send me homework reminders, but they don’t work, I can’t fit all my homework into my dry-erase calendar, there is nothing. BUT I am going to keep looking for something to get me organized because I’m here for 4 more years, so I better get it together. I just have never felt so unorganized in my life, it’s wild. I don’t want to give getting organized the “good ole college try”. I want to get organized and conquer these next seven semesters.


Overthrowing the Sorting Hat

The 4 houses at Hogwarts are so distinct in their descriptions, but realistically not one person can fit perfectly into only one house. Someone can be intelligent and dedicated thereby making them Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Coincidently, those are the two houses I would put myself in. I feel that I have the traits of both that are pretty dominant in my personality, (intelligence, knowledge, wit and hard work, dedication, loyalty, patience). If I had to put myself into just one house though I would say I’m a Hufflepuff–and that’s not just because Buzzfeed told me that’s where I belong. Hufflepuffs are kind of known as the “Awww Hufflepuff” if you catch my drift. I’m always told by my friends how innocent and kind I am. I would more closely relate my life in sports to why I would be in that house. I know it sounds weird because you may think Gryffindor when thinking about an athlete because of bravery and courage but honestly I adapted a lot of those Hufflepuff traits because of sports. Being an athlete for so long helped me lean the value of hard work (having the desire to constantly improve can also be attributed to that) and loyalty/dedication to my teammates. I also have to have patience when playing with others who may not have the same skill set as me in volleyball or basketball and work with them and try not to get frustrated. That being said, I do see these traits in my friendships also. I am always the one that friends go to when they need some positivity and someone who won’t get frustrated with their problems and is willing to sit down and figure things out.

I think overall, everyone has a little bit of each house inside of them and that’s what makes us human, it just matters what traits are more dominant and show through more than others to decide what house we would truly belong in. Sadly, we do not have a sorting hat to tell us what our dominant traits are, it takes a lot of self-reflection and analyzation here in the muggle world.



Ah high school. The days (they tell us) we will look back on and wish we could get back. I have good and bad memories from high school, but who doesn’t? When I think back on senior year, one night sticks out to me that I wish I could relive over and over.

Being an athlete at my school was always a big part of who I was. Not because of the sports themselves but the friends I made within them. Playing on the basketball team was particularly special to me as I had been playing with my 4 best friends for many years.  I had been playing with Addie, Hannah and Katlynn since 2nd grade, and had been friends with them for many longer. I had only been playing–and friends with–Emma for 4 years, but that’s because she moved into town when we were freshman. We grew even closer during my senior year, because there were only 6 people really on the varsity team. Participation in girls sports is tangent I could go on forever but will spare everyone this time. Anyway, many trips to after-practice Taco-Bell, Bdubs, and Fiesta Charra (…there’s a theme here) were taken between the five of us and our friendships had never been stronger.

The best after basketball adventure happened one day when no one expected it would. It was a Saturday in February and we had just finished the game and were all in the locker room talking when Hannah was telling us about how she and her boyfriend Evan were going to The Web (a laser tag/mini golf/go kart arcade place). Now, like I said, we are a really close group of friends so when Emma blurted out “can I come?!” and the rest of us emphasized her it really wasn’t an invasion on their date, and we all knew Evan liked hanging out with us anyway. We sat around talking logistics of how we would get there for a little while Hannah was getting ready, but sadly the rest of us had to go smelling like sweat and nastiness. Katlynn decided she wasn’t going to go because she was going to hang out with her boyfriend that night, but the other 3 of us were so stoked to go (our moods were already boosted because it was 60 degrees in February and could wear shorts outside honestly).

It took awhile but we finally made our way out to the parking lot to decide who would drive. We decided on Emma because she had the nicest car and we wanted a comfortable ride. Evan showed up and to no surprise he didn’t have a problem of all of us hijacking their date, especially since we let him pick where we were going to get dinner. We had the best, and I mean the BEST, burgers ever from this little restaurant no one had ever tried on the way there. When we finally go to The Web, we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do first. We bought our laser tag tickets, but since that was the main attraction, we had to wait a little to join a game. We decided on glow in the dark mini golf while we waited–I lost…badly. Laser tag was so awesome, it was with a bunch of 10 year old boys who took it so seriously and I don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much in my life, and that’s coming from someone who had just played every minute of a basketball game earlier that day. After laser tag we went and go UDF, the best ice cream ever, and just sat and talked outside for a bit.

This is the part of the night that I wished could have lasted forever:

We went back to the school because all of our cars were there, but had no desire to go home. It was about 9pm by now. We were just sitting in Emma’s car bumpin some great throwback tunes when all of the sudden I looked at Addie and decided to challenge her to a dance off. Of course the only song for this situation was “Walk it Out” because lil John is a must when attempting to destroy someone with my fire moves. Emma was the DJ and camera women for this and Addie and I made complete fools of ourselves, but non one was around, we were hopped up on ice cream, and the safety of good friends is enough to make anyone dance. Then Hannah and Emma danced off and we even got Evan to challenge Hannah, though he was really resistant at first we made sure to cheer him on hard and give him the confidence to do it. That is a moment in time I hope I never forget because that’s when I really realized that my friends are the greatest.

We finished out the night jammin to more music, hitting around a volleyball I had in my trunk, and ringing the victory bell on the football field (since it never gets rung for the its real purpose sadly). The night had to come to an end because we really weren’t sure if we were allowed on school property that late and kept a close eye on the long driveway for any sign of cops. The hair on our necks stood up whenever we thought we even heard a car and we finally just decided not to test our luck and go home. Throughout the night, there kept being moments where I just stopped and looked at my friends being their purest selves and wishing it would never end, that we would never grow up, never go off to different colleges, never drift apart.

To this day we still have our snapchat group, call ourselves “Baller” (I know so odd but it’s us). We talk all the time and I was really fearing nothing, but I still think back on that night. It wasn’t planned at all which is weird to me because I always like to have a plan. I guess though thats how the best memories are made, unexpectedly and spontaneously.


Am I a writer?

I have written many papers in my day, ranging from personal narrative to in depth research papers, to short stories and even annotated bibliographies. Would I consider myself a writer though? Confusingly, the answer is no but also in a sense yes. All the in-depth, hardcore writing I’ve ever done has been for school projects, and it has never crossed my mind to just sit down and crank out a short story or research paper for the fun of things. The only way I consider myself a writer is in the same sense that all people are writers; I write out stories in texts, use creative wording to condense my thoughts into 140 characters or less etc. Social media has really helped everyone, including myself, become writers. I want to use this class to expand my experience as a writer from informal social media and refine my skills to sound more eloquent when I write and be more motivated to just sit down and write creatively sometimes or write on a topic that I am really interested in. Also I hope that, by being in this class, I will become better at organizing my thoughts. I sometimes get writing and the page just becomes a mess of my thoughts making no sense. This blog is going to be one of those ways of helping me achieve my goals. Though it is kind of informal, it still will help me sit down and just pour my thoughts out on a page, as the only way to improve my writing is to write! Writing the papers will be very helpful with my thought organization as well. I hope that by the end of the semester I am as enthusiastic about this blog as I am starting it because I think it is going to be really beneficial in the long run.